Personalized security


We are proud of our unique, outstanding and professionally proper security systems and strategies which are appropriate against modern challenges.

DGE Consulting PLT.

Manned Security Services

Security guard, Patrol, Armed security guard, Event security guard, port service, store guard, receptionist

Providing manned security services by carrying out the property protection tasks of any object with any level of security, based on the requirements of our constitutor. 

Money and Value Transporting, Vault-in

Armed transportation of money and valuables, escorting shipments nationwide and abroad, Vault-in services

Our transport system, which fully complies with the requirements of MABISZ, is designer with the utmost attention to the needs of our partners via focus on security and cost-efficiency. 


Event Protection

Entrust the event of your institution, company, brand to a experienced, prepared and expert team

We are providing event protection services at any level of security, based on the requirements of our clients via full compliance with the relevant legislation.


On all levels the partner may need

Cleaning services to our constitutors based on their needs. Daily, weekly, monthly, yard and snow cleaning. 

DGE Plt.